Card on File Switcher

Quick Start with Card on File Switcher

Integrating the KnotAPI Card on File Switcher is simple and exceedingly customizable. The implementation requires a basic client and server side integration, which are laid out in the 5 steps below:

The flow begins when a user wants to switch to using your card.
1. Before showing the client SDK, your application server sends a request to the /session/create endpoint with the knot_access_token to generate a Session ID.
2. Using the Session ID, your application client initializes the client SDK. Your users interact with the Card on File Switcher to authenticate with different merchants over a secure and encrypted connection. Users will see real time feedback on the success, or failure of connecting. They will also be prompted to supply multifactor credentials if required.
3. Webhooks are delivered to your server in real time, notifying your application of the status of merchant switches.

4. On receiving the Authenticated webhook, send the card details and billing information to the /card endpoint. The card will now begin switching.

To get started you will first need API credentials. You can obtain API credentials by emailing [email protected]