Launch Checklist

Before launching we recommend you review and complete the following steps:

Ensure your application server saves the knot_access_token, and creates a new session whenever the SDK should be initialized using the knot_access_token.
Install the desired SDK, and initialize with the session id.
Handle webhooks to receive callback data, and validate the HMAC signature to ensure the webhook comes from Knot API.
Handle the Authenticated event, and test sending card details to the `card` endpoint.
Monitor any client-side events you wish to keep tabs on.
Customize the look and feel of the Knot SDK, either via the dashboard, or with help from our team.
If you haven't already, please request Production Access.
Remove any user_good test calls if migrating from sandbox.
Ensure your production keys are being used, and are secured. They aren't saved in source control, or client accessible.
Give the Knot API team a heads up - we want to be there to help you win any way we can!

Card Switcher Specific Steps

Send the card info for your users, or know your users will enter card information through our PCI compliant SDK.

What’s Next