API Reference

Create a session

The /session/create endpoint creates a session ID, which is required as a parameter when initializing the SDK.
Initialize the SDK with the same session, to show the user the state they left off on (OTP Required, Invalid Credentials, Success, etc.), or you can initialize the SDK with a new session to show the user a fresh state.



Sessions will expire after 30 minutes.


POST https://development.knotapi.com/session/create

Request fields

Field NameTypeDescription
typerequired, stringThe SDK that will be initialized. This should be set to card_switcher.
external_user_idrequired, string or numberYour internal user identifier.
card_idrequired, string or numberYour internal card identifier.
curl -X POST 'https://development.knotapi.com/session/create' \
  -u "bd271e95-14e6-47ab-9f4f-225898f69183:cf819749c0574616ba93b5935b8cf108" \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'Knot-Version: 2.0' \
  -d '{
    "type": "card_switcher",
    "external_user_id": "3dcbb19a-b2f1-4a7b-8792-d76027b627b3",
    "card_id": 12345

Response example

    "session": "915efe72-5136-4652-z91q-d9d48003c102"